Make Security a *TEAM* Effort

Why settle for simply a security “department” when you can train everyone’s eyes and ears to be your onsite security?

Reducing Your Liability

How can you reduce your liability at the same time you enhance your overall security? We have lots of ideas!

A Comprehensive Approach

A comprehensive approach is one that takes into account the training, the documentation of the training, and the follow-up to the training. We can help you in all three areas.

Your People Are Your Best Security Asset

Despite all your investments in cameras, alarms, access controls and more, your PEOPLE (if property educated) remain your best security asset. We can help!

Data Security Includes Hacking *People*

Data security is a hot topic in today’s world, but not all “hacks” are of computers. Impersonation, bribery, and blackmail can be used to hack your people instead. Proactive posturing and education are keys to prevention, and we can help!

Take A Guess...

Most will be surprised to learn what is the major cause of most cases of violence in today’s workplaces. Unaddressed, this “unknown drama” can affect entire workplaces, whether offices, office buildings, campuses, and more. We can help address such concerns with your people.

Employee Training - Defense By Design