Sample Titles for Presentations

Safety, Security & Social Engineering

Specifically for those who work in the financial and data industry, this presentation offers insights into various forms of social engineering a la impersonation, bribery, and blackmail that can compromise even the best of security systems, protocols, cameras, alarms, access controls, firewalls and anti-virus protections by simply hacking your *people* instead of hacking your computers. 

Broadening Security Concerns in (fill in the industry)

This particular presentation is a "built-to-suit" program for specific vertical markets or industries.  By filling in the final verbiage it may be tailored to manufacturing, commercial property management, hospitals/clinics, multi-family property management, or a myriad of other fields and industries.  Again, this is a very customized program to your specific audience(s) as well as their specific pain points and legal liabilities.  A heavy emphasis is placed on legal liabilities and the documentation aspect that should accompany various security initiatives intended to mitigate claims of negligence.  This is an especially nice compliment to HR, risk management, and insurance events and/or attendees.

Cameras, Alarms & Access Controls -- Oh My!


Predicting Violent Behavior


Luring Your Money


Profiling & Situational Awareness


Sell Like a Criminal!


Hocus Focus!


Luring *NEW* Business


Hook, Line & Sinker

Unfortunately, many think that by incorporating cameras, alarms, and access controls that they have made their business of places safe.  While certainly they are safe(r), to truly maximize these investments in physical technology, proper education and training should also be incorporated to make your *people* as smart as your technology.  This presentation addresses what happens,  when your people *let* the wrong people in, *invite* the wrong people in, or *assume* people should be onsite that really should not, and how such risks can be minimized.

Regardless of industry or profession, we all need an upgrade to our sense of safety and security.  This presentation is designed for any and all professionals, whether working inside the traditional office environment or outside, whether they face such risks on-the-clock or off-the-clock.  It is simply a presentation about making PEOPLE safer, and one that your own people will greatly appreciate as much of the information learned they will be able to share with loved ones at home as well.

This presentation is about those who seek to fiscally exploit others -- not through mail, email or phone scams -- but through in-person social engineering that could cost certain individuals millions of dollars.  It can be tailored both to those who work with such high-net individuals, such as bankers, financial advisors, wealth managers, CPA firms, insurance brokers,  etc. as well as directly to such clients via value-add events hosted by these same trusted advisors.

There is a difference between profiling and stereotyping, a difference it pays to both know and practice regularly when in questionable situations or around questionable people.  Likewise, there is a difference between environmental awareness and situational awareness, both playing critical roles, but having independent and specific benefits in application.  This presentation breaks down these differences, empowering audiences to apply their unique benefits to maximum effect.



For those looking for a highly *unique* approach to sales and marketing, whether at a conference/convention event or for your corporate sales team -- this hits the mark!  It takes the personality traits and even specific tactics or "lures" of criminals and con artists and turns these on their head to apply the same personality traits and techniques to sales and sales professionals -- but obviously for more noble purposes.  This one will have your people talking long after the event, but even better, it will give them new tools to better understand (and close) new clients.

This presentation is primarily for those in law-enforcement or the security profession, but "could" be applied to other industries and professions as well.  This rather entertaining seminar focuses on (and demonstrates) the three primary tools of magicians and mentalists showing how criminals and con artists use the same to achieve their goals.  Whatever your security conference or event, this presentation will definitely liven things up!

Value-Add Events are one of the best tools for not only showing appreciation to current clients (helping in retention), but for luring the interest of *new* clients as well (helping in recruitment).  But how do you go about orchestrating such events?  How do you pick the time, date, and even location for such events?  Should you offer such events on your own or partner with others for maximum effect?  This presentation breaks down one of the most under-used tools for new business development to help you *stay in front* of the clients you have and *get in front* of the clients you want.

Believe it or not, your greatest "elevator speech" or professional introduction begins with a lure -- a *hook*.  But how do you get those you meet in social as well as professional encounters to want to learn more about you and what you do?  What "line" do you use to "sink" that first impression?  This presentation looks at the three (3) critical elements of such introductions as well as how to do both professional and proper follow-up to one-on-one's and email introductions you receive on the behalf of others.