Sponsorship Opportunities


Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities

Why spend money others would willingly contribute to your event?

Your trusted vendors (whoever they may be) not only loved *getting you* as a client, they would love to *keep you* as a client, and many will quite willingly step up to help provide training you deem beneficial to your professional operations -- including safety and security training!

And we suggest approaching more than one (1) sponsor.  You might also ask if they and their staff would like to participate in the training as well, including the evening program for their employees' spouses and teens along with your own.  This is high-impact at low cost!  Certainly it never hurts to ask, and if successful, you now have a model for securing other speakers, training, and events in the future without such programs coming out of your own budget.

We are happy to help in this process, and if you would like us to do so just ask!

Synergy partner opportunities

Who are trusted referral partners you regularly work with already?  Perfect!  Let's talk to them!

If you are all targeting the same types of clients, it just makes good sense (and financial sense as well) to combine efforts to create a larger joint event for your *collective* clients.

Not only does this allow you to say "thank you" to those who are already doing business with you, but meet the preferred clients of your synergy partners that *might also* be interested in doing business with you.

Such synergy events are already quite popular with law firms, CPA firms, insurance companies, financial advisory firms, banks, credit unions, and more.  You might find by simply asking that your referral/synergy partners are already doing these, and thus happy to join in with you on one.

Once again, we are happy to help in this process, if you would like us to do so!