Events Overview

The following videos will help you better understand the features and benefits of booking Defense By Design for your next Conference or Convention Event, Employee Training Event, or Client Value-Add Event.  And do understand that any of these may be mixed together while still being customized to the audience or industry in attendance.


Conference & Convention Events

The following video gives you a brief idea of Defense By Design's offerings to event planners or those responsible for booking speakers at their conference or convention event.  Note in particular several aspects unique to booking Defense By Design for such events including the ability to offer *several* 1-hour presentations and/or a single, multi-hour presentation if needed to fill greater blocks of time as well as maximize your speaker budget.  Books are included, which you can either offer freely to attendees or sell yourself following the presentation to offset the fee for booking Defense By Design.  Point being, we are not only budget-conscious, but budget-friendly as well.


Employee Training Events

The following video briefly discusses our approach to offering onsite employee training events, noting these are typically multi-hour presentations offered back-to-back in either half-day or full-day formats to allow for greater participation without drawing too many away from their work responsibilities at the same time.  Note also the evening spouse/teen value-add event offered as well as books and videos that accompany such engagements for "above and beyond" due diligence documentation efforts.  These events may also be matched with client value-add events described below in the same day or evening offered at no additional costs.

Client Value-Add events

The following video offers a brief description of how value-add events can be offered and to what types of audiences such events may be offered.  Whether you wish to offer such an event to your clients alone or wish to partner with other businesses for the purpose of offering to your collective clients together (thus splitting the costs as well), we are happy to discuss such events with you to determine the best approach for maximum impact.  Books which you can either sell to your audience(s) or distribute freely to your audience(s) are a bonus we offer to your value-add event.  And if you are offering this to your clients, why not combine with the employee training offered above if we are onsite for the day anyway?  There are no additional costs in doing so.