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Here are some of the typical questions asked regarding our services and presentations:

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Won't such presentations just "scare" people?

Quite the contrary, people are fearful of the unknown.  Our approach is to *empower* people to live safer lives, whether on or off-the-clock, noting it is the latter that often negatively affects the former.  Our entire approach and message is one of prevention through information and education.

How Specific can you tailor presentations to a given industry?

After speaking for over 30 years on these topics, you will be hard-pressed to find an industry we have *not* addressed at some point.  But, by all means, give us a challenge as we would love to rise to the occasion and exceed your expectations!

will there be any product pushed following the presentation?

The only thing we *sell* is information.  While there are books we offer, in most of our programs these are included in the speaking fee so that *you* can either sell the books (to offset costs), or give away to attendees.  Beyond books, there are no other products to be offered at the engagement, unless by sponsor or sponsors involved.

Can we mix & match programs

In a word -- yes!  In two words -- please do!  In three words -- be our guest!  Why pay for one event that could just as easily be two, three, or more events on the same day and for the same dollars? Let's maximize your impact!

are all topics solely focused on safety/security issues?

Obviously most are, however, there are a few presentations that are great for sales and marketing professionals dealing with new techniques or "lures" as well as enhancing professional networking skills a la "lures".  Both are fun, highly interactive presentations found on our "Sample Titles" page.

How are fees assessed?

For local DFW events, they are assessed by half-day (1-3 hours) or full-day (4-6 hours).  When travel is involved, of course all of these are considered full-day events and fees are based on the Texas/Southwest Region, interior U.S. states, or coastal/northern border states.  Fees include basic travel (mileage or air), ground transportation, and meals.  The only additional cost we ask you to cover is lodging as you will best know where to stay for convenience to the event(s) while in town.

Why not just have the police come in and present?

With all due respect to our men and women in blue (of which I know many), their focus is in their title, "law enforcement" -- not public speaking, not risk management, not consulting, and not documentation regarding due diligence efforts.  Nor do they have prepared materials to help you promote, execute, and follow-up such training with the concept of creating a "paper trail" that could assist you if needed one day in court.  Ours is a comprehensive approach that takes *all* of the above into account for your legal and risk management benefit.

What is the largest or smallest audience you will address?

The more the merrier -- or in our case -- safer!  As far as smaller events, these can be as intimate as you wish, and are usually are related to employee training events and/or client value-add events.

What if i have an event that doesn't match any of the titles/topics listed?

Oh, please ask!  First, we constantly create new programs, customized to highly specific and highly unique audiences, but second, we LOVE a challenge!  Go ahead, tell us about your event or audience and let's see what we can come up with to provide the perfect fit.

Do you do any consulting vs. speaking/training?

Yes, and if training is desired after such consulting work, there is a discount offered for that secondary, follow-up training.  We typically like to package everything together to save you dollars upfront, but we will still discount when and where we can for allowing us the opportunity to continue our working relationship with you.

Regarding Day fees, can these be split among other parties?

Absolutely!  If you really only needed a half-day of training or an evening event, but know of another company who could use us while in your city, we allow you to split the day rate.  Additionally, where multiple sponsors are involved, splitting the fee is also acceptable, but we do ask for *one* (1) check from a single party for overall payment when numerous sponsors are involved.

Do you do webinars?

On occasion, yes.  But nothing compares to a *live* presentation and audience!