Hindsight vs. Foresight

HR & PR Concerns

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Predators & Victims Alike...

Too often our “assumption” that attackers and con artists are all men becomes a “presumption” that can put us into harm’s way. Remember, predators and victims alike come in both genders.

An Unknown Person...

An unknown person, regardless of age, gender, etc. is by nature also an unpredictable person. Whether cases of road rage, Black Fridays, or just that verbal exchange in a parking lot that hints at escalation, it is never a good idea to engage and enrage someone you do not know.

Where You Live Your Life

For all the monies we invest in home and workplace security, our greatest vulnerability continues to be in those places where we are out living and enjoying our lives. Keeping ourselves free from distraction and disorientation so that our wits, reflexes, instincts, and training will give us that upper hand is therefore critical to maintaining our safety.

Safe Places vs. Safe People

I have been saying this for over 20 years to audiences across the country as we put far too much emphasis on “where” we are related to our safety than “who” we are around related to our safety. It is PEOPLE that should remain our priority in threat assessment versus simply places.

The *BEST* Bodyguards...

Too often we rely upon other to protect…”us”. Personal safety is also a personal responsibility. Learn to spot trouble and defend yourself so that any coming to your aid are enhancements…not necessities.

The "EASIEST" Prey...

Watch any nature show on television and it is quite evident that predators don’t simply seek out prey, they seek out the EASIEST prey. This is why it is beneficial to learn how they think…and stalk, lest you find yourself their target of interest.

A predator knows from the look in your eye...

True predators know when they are in the presence of another predator…or simply prey. Learning to see yourself through their eyes can help keep you out of their reach. This is where we can help.

Safety is not about where you live...

For all the money we (rightfully) spend on home and office security, sometimes our greatest vulnerabilities are when and where we are out living and enjoying our lives. Our instincts, our wits, and TRAINING are therefore essential to keep us safer in such circumstances. We can help!

It is not about where you live...

Certainly, monies spent on home and office security are needed. However, it is often when we are simply out living and enjoying our lives that we can face the greatest vulnerabilities. We can help in keeping you and your families safer through education and training.

Spage-Age Times

Our technology has greatly advanced, but human nature has not. Never “assume” someone (or anyone) is not capable of the unthinkable given the right set of circumstances. This is why learning to spot such trouble BEFORE it spots you is so critical. We can help!

Building/Tenant Safety

Office buildings and their tenants face some rather unique challenges in safety and security as there are so many moving parts (and people) involved. In addition to technology, don’t forget to train your PEOPLE in matters of safety and security.

School Safety

Cameras, alarms, access controls, etc. are only a STARTING POINT in school safety and security. Faculty, staff, administration and students all must be educated as well.

Critical Thinking vs. Mass Panic

The larger the crowd, the more dangerous the circumstances as most have no clue where critical thinking skills are concerned. Unfortunately, it is therefore easy for those with such ill intent and agendas to cause great harm in such situations. And in these cases where often cameras, alarms, and access controls do not apply, education and training will be KEY to survival.

Hotel Travel Safety

For many in business, their “home” can often take the form of hotel rooms, hallways, parking lots/garages, etc. If/When sending your people out into such environments, how well have they been prepared to navigate such environments with safety and security in mind?

An Unknown Person...

Regardless of age, gender, attire or all other such visual and superficial factors, an unknown person remains an unpredictable person. And it is that very dynamic (the unknown) that can hurt you.

Is Safety an "Alien Concept" where you work?

Do safety and security concerns seem to be “lax” where you work? You are hardly alone in this sentiment. But often times the reason it goes uncorrected is the fact most employers, HR managers, etc. don’t know WHO can truly engage their people in such practices. This is our wheelhouse and we’re happy to explain how it works. Just ask!

Staff & Tenant Training

For those in commercial property management, YOU KNOW the ongoing concerns of safety and security for your property and tenants. Often this is due to the indifferent or over-confident attitudes of tenants who often let the wrong people onsite, invite the wrong people onsite, or assume people should be onsite that really should not.

We can help you foster a greater culture of security, turning eyes and ears throughout your property into security by offering programs that truly interest and engage your staff and tenants alike. Just ask!

Church Security Training

While “active shooters” remain a hot topic, there are so, so many OTHER concerns churches should address — issues that can equally land their people in the emergency room…and their church in the court room and/or news room.

We offer a 3-hour professional in-service seminar addressing such issues, one that can be offered/shared with other church staff in your area as an ecumenical outreach. Also with this training is an evening community/congregational program helping your people themselves be more aware and discerning in their lives onsite and offsite.

Like to learn more? Just ask!

Hospital Staff Training

Hospitals face an incredibly daunting task of maintaining secure facilities in a 24/7/365 open-door environment. Add to this the dramas as well as injuries and illnesses onsite, the occasional bad news that must be delivered to family members, etc. and these safety and security issues are raised to unbelievable levels.

We offer onsite training to hospital staff and administration, repeated presentations throughout the day and evening to accommodate various schedules and shifts, with additional programs available for PR purposes to your community as well.

Like to learn more? Just ask!