Learn to Spot Trouble *BEFORE* Trouble Spots You!

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We have all heard the phrase, "Hindsight is 20/20", but what if we could turn "Foresight into 20/20" as it relates to preventing violence and exploitation, whether in workplaces or our daily lives?  At Defense By Design, we believe you can.  However, developing such foresight starts with education and training, which is where we come in, offering programs for your next conference/convention event, employee training event, client value-add event or other special event.


Conference & Convention Events

Regardless of industry, Defense By Design offers engaging programs to conference and convention attendees pertaining to personal and/or professional safety and security issues.   These can be keynotes, break-outs, workshops, or any combination of these based on time and need.

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Employee Training Events

Whether most of your employees are internal to operations in the office, or external to operations out in the field, Defense By Design has highly customized programs to offer.  Such programs also include critical points of due diligence documentation for risk management purposes.

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Client Value-Add Events

Client value-adds are one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Regardless of personal or commercial clients, we have a number of offerings to fit both or either, whether hosting on your own event, or co-sponsoring with other event partners.

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Jeff McKissack

Jeff has a very unique background in safety and security.  To learn more about Jeff, click below.


"Technology is not going to save us.  Our computers, our tools, our machines are not enough.  We have to rely on our intuition, our true being."

— Joseph Campbell

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